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Let’s Make a Difference Together

PARASOLKA EXPERTS – social department to help immigrants with legal documents, translation, navigating through healthcare system, applying for public benefits and other social programs. 

Our Goal: To provide high quality information to new immigrants about all available social programs and services and assist with applying to them.

Services we provide

Legal Documents

We assist people with filling out legal immigration documents. We help to submit an application for eligible applicants and assist them in gathering supporting documentation

  • Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765)

  • Declaration of Financial Support (Form I-134a)

  • U4U

  • Social Security Number

  • DMV

  • Banking

Public Benefits

  • Provide and explain information on what kind of assistance people can expect

  • We instruct people on how and where they can receive assistance and social benefits (medical, financial and food)

  • We take people to the first meeting at the Human Department of Assistance

  • We translate (help with translation) if there is no Ukrainian or Russian-speaking employee (we also translate over the phone if we did not go with them)

  • Assist in filling out additional documentation and translation that comes from Welfare (MediCal, CalFresh, CalWorks, CAPI and others)

  • We provide the necessary additional forms

  • WIC program


Document Translation

Our bilingual staff is ready to walk through the process of submitting applications together with the client and explain everything in a simple way.

Employment Assistance

We assist people who are seeking jobs with potential employers.  We refer people to  SETA (Sacramento Employment and Training Agency), that help to create resumes and provide training.

All services are provided by group of volunteers and Free of charging

Schedule the appointment

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance with one of the services. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Welcome to join PARASOLKA

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