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Let’s Make a Difference Together

PARASOLKA LADIES - is a monthly gathering dedicated to celebrating and serving Ukrainian women who have fled the war.

With attendance rates being as high as 250 people, we are dedicated to providing an experience that will nourish their mind, body, and soul. When women come to our event they are given a break from the heavy weight of their circumstances. Many are experiencing anxiety and depression, amongst other mental health issues as a result of the war and having to start over as immigrants in a new country.  When they come to PARASOLKA they are offered a nourishing meal,  entertainment, master classes, gifts, talks on various topics, and most importantly fellowship with women who can relate to them.

Our program provides a high quality childcare experience for the children of these women who have also gone through a traumatic experience. They are fed, encouraged, and loved while their mothers receive much needed respite right next door. Mothers and children leave well-fed and with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

“Restoration of the Women’s Soul” - is an  extension of “PARASOLKA LADIES”. This is a more intimate setting where 45 women meet twice a month. This is a safe space for them to share their fears, challenges, and worries as they adapt to a new reality.  When they come they can expect compassion, understanding, and practical assistance. Items such as clothes, toys, hygiene products, amongst other things are distributed each time.

This program launched on August 24th, 2022 just in time for the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Since then we’ve been able to reach more and more women consistently with the effort of our completely volunteer- based staff. Our team includes 45 dedicated women from all walks of life including those who immigrated here recently- women who experienced the blessing of PARASOLKA LADIES firsthand.

PARASOLKA LADIES is a safe haven where women are loved, held, and honoured.

Welcome to join PARASOLKA

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